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Medically documented and by Divine design, your lymph vessels hold the power to create the healthy negative, or sub pressure cell environment to both enhance esthetics and to heal yourself!

Help your family and loved ones know how to create health & beauty with Sub Pressure Esthetics! 

Beautify the entire body by divine design, including face, breasts, tummy, thighs, arms, etc., for:

Sub Pressure Face Lift™
Sub Pressure Breast Lift™
Sub Pressure Tummy Tuck™
Sub Pressure Lipo Suction™

PRO YOUTH?  New leading edge self-help stem cell technology is now available which explains the process for producing and transporting your own stem cells wherever you may need to update the genetic data to your own perfect, divine, personal, genetic blueprint, by yourself at home.

Many are in the persuit of total restoration and we suggest integrating the right products and technology like the Discover Your Power Plants and Blessing of the Creation Sequence audio series we certainly are a few quantum leaps closer.  Perhaps we are breaching the boarders of immortality and everlasting life?

Why and how? - READ the stories, WATCH and LISTEN!

Check out the before and after photos, along with the new audio success story of CG from Toronto.  She discusses detoxing through diet, cleansing, colonics, rebounding (lymphasizing).  She obtained relief from obesity (water retention), and pain relief through healing an injured foot.

Since obesity is almost tied with cancer as the #2 killer, and we know what has to be done to prevent, remove, and eliminate obesity, we feel morally obligated to tell you that all the research to — eliminate obesity, along with the other crippling, degenerative, and killer dis-eases — has already been done.

In fact, your lymphatic system can create a perfect, negative pressure living environment for your body cells, and it is your body’s immune system!

Now you can access the best science, products and training!  The proof is in the pudding, so to speak.  You can't argue with results!

With easy to use self-help Sub Pressure Esthetics techniques you can immediately activate your natural beauty from within.  Prevent, remove and eliminate health problems while creating health & beauty.  You can now understand the truth about cause and prevention of obesity, wrinkles, and aging in in simple lay terms.  This information is documented medically, but hasn’t been offered in Medical School courses. will direct you to the best science available behind the causes of loss of energy, wrinkles, obesity and every other dis-ease known to man, plus what you and your loved ones can do about it starting right now by yourselves at home to prevent, remove and eliminate fluid retention, inflamation, and swelling that causes loss of energy, pain, wrinkles, obesity and dis-ease in your body, creating both health & beauty.


"Cells hydrate in the Healthy State."
— Dr. Stephen E. West

& Lipo

The Negative Pressure
of the Healthy Cell Environment
Creates Both Health & Beauty!


Hear a qualified Lymphologist explain how the lymph vessels in this drawing are responsible for creating the healthy, negative pressure environment, where the body flourishes.
Learn what happens in your own body to start or stop the life process!!!

All diseases are associated with inflamation/swelling.  Obesity is a form of Lymphedema.  It is stagnant water with toxins.  In fact, the word "tumor" actually means "To Swell", and every "___itis" is inflamation, so learn the truth about obesity and aging right now, for the first time!

Our unique program is designed to help you create balance in your life while learning all of the Pure Laws and Sub Pressure Esthetics™ principals and methods which can be applied in the privacy of your own home.  Discover why various clients have experienced instant weight loss, reduced wrinkles, smoother skin and youthing.  Discover why various weight-loss and exercise programs fail or succeed! (Obesity is actually a form of lymphadema!)

Order the complete home-study course and learn the principals and techniques, today, NOW!
What is it worth to look and feel healthy?  Experience the "Sub Pressure Make Over" you deserve.

Take action NOW!

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Weight Loss Power Point - (Special thanks to Dr. Edward Martin of Martin Chiropractic in Bridgeport.)

Stats for Obesity in America


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